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From the Bride: “The most important parts to pulling off my dream wedding was remembering not to get wrapped up in stressing out over the little details and renting items rather than buying because planning a wedding gets super expensive! We really wanted a reclaimed wood farm table for our wedding, so instead of buying one we found one to rent through Rent Patina. It seriously saved our lives and we got endless compliments on it! We also rented a bunch of antique gold candlesticks and vases through Little Vintage Rentals. There will never be anything like trying on the dress of your dreams and envisioning yourself walking down the aisle to the love of your life. That is how I knew my dress was the one, the moment I tried it on I cried, my heart dropped, and I just knew I had found it. I knew that my mom would cry as soon as I walked out of the fitting room (and yes, she did). I had always wanted to wear a wedding dress with sleeves. Always! My mother wore a stunning wedding gown with lace sleeves that I had always been inspired by. I knew I wanted something that was simple, beautiful, unique, yet made me feel like a bride. Lovely Bride gave me the most wonderful experience from start to finish! I will forever cherish the memories made in finding my dream wedding dress! The most memorable moment was the morning of our wedding when Tyler and I exchanged love notes. That is when it got real. I think I had to stop 20 times because I just kept crying. Reading my husbands sweet words brought the ultimate joy, love, and comfort to my heart. Pouring our hearts out to one another the morning of our wedding was the most special moment I will always remember! Our whole day was a dream but that moment was just so special. I have to be completely honest… I was not nervous AT ALL the morning of our wedding. Which is crazy because I’m usually the type of person who gets SO excited that it makes me nervous (and I’m also a huge perfectionist). I knew that morning I was marrying the man of my dreams and that he’s the one that was set aside for me. Advice I would give to future brides would be to not get stressed over the little details or the “what ifs” on their big day. Of course you want your day and all the details to be perfect… but at the end of the day its not about that stuff. It’s about marrying your soul mate and the love of your life! Focus on that along the way. Enjoy every moment throughout the whole process, take lots of photos to remember the fun times planning, cake tasting, dress shopping, etc. You’ll look back and cherish those times forever!!!”

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