Jessica Leigh Paperie (JLP) shall provide the products and services as listed in the contract we create, consisting of: consultation, research, design, checking quality of implementation, and coordination of the project and its execution. In connection with performing basic services, JLP shall prepare and present materials to the Client that demonstrate or describe JLP’s intentions and shall prepare various materials, such as artwork, drawings, and specifications, to enable the design to be printed, fabricated, hand assembled, or otherwise implemented.


** Three (3) rounds of proofs and corrections are included in the total fee. Additional rounds of proofs and corrections may be added at JLP’s discretion depending on complexity of design. Otherwise, additional rounds of proofs may be purchased at $25.00 each.
** JLP reserves the right to adjust the schedule in the event that the Client fails to meet agreed deadlines for submission of signed contract/deposit/information for design(s) or granting approvals and to allow for changes in the scope or complexity of services from those contemplated by this agreement.
** Any changes to material choices, as listed in this contract, are not applicable after thirty (30) days of receiving deposit. Clients’ changes to materials after (30) days of receiving deposit, may delay printing/production of the order and will incur additional fees at the Clients’ expense. Rush Orders are not subject to any material changes once deposit has been received. 
** The Client is responsible for confirming final quantities within one (1) month of estimated pick-up date. Materials will be ordered as listed in this contract unless otherwise noted. Clients’ changes to quantities less than one (1) month from estimated pick-up date may delay printing/production of the order and/or incur a restocking fee.
** The Jessica Leigh Paperie LOGO will be printed on the back of pieces at the JLP’s discretion, unless otherwise noted.
** JLP is not responsible for the cost of or determining the cost of postage to mail invitations. Postage costs are solely at the discretion of the United States Postal Service. JLP recommends having (1) full invitation set weighed at a USPS post office prior to purchasing postage and mailing invitations.
** A hard copy proof, one (1) printed and fully assembled sample, are only available upon request for a $12.00 shipping fee (per sample). Proofs will be sent as a detailed, high-resolution .pdf file via email unless otherwise noted.
** Any changes to this contract (by JLP and/or the Client) must be made in writing via email.

Terms & Conditions

Pricing can be obtained by emailing, calling or setting up an appointment! All pricing is custom tailored to each clients needs.

Most custom design pricing begins at $2000. Slightly varying in the instances where your desired quantity falls below or above our average of 120 sets. Since all of our custom work is designed and conceptualized just for you and the needs of each client invariably differ, it’s best to setup a consultation with Jessica or one of our team member. In studio appointments, phone calls are always available for our clients.


Depending on the complexity of your order, its pieces, materials and parts, it will be ready in 3-6 weeks. This timeframe is heavily dependent on our current production schedule and we will be very informative and communicative with you as to when things are to be completed and ready for pick up. Either way, we strive to have client orders (for wedding invitations) approx. 90 days prior to your event date. Specific days and times for pick up are scheduled between the client and the JLP team. We offer both digital and hand calligraphy which may increase production time if a final list of addresses is not received prior to printing. Designer and the JLP team will schedule accordingly in that instance.


We offer various options for pickup. You may pick up your order at our NYC or Bay Shore studios or we can ship it to you anywhere in the world via USPS, UPS, FedEx or other. The cost of shipping depends on the weight and we would alert you of the additional fee ahead of time.

*** PROOFING ***
to our valued clients, due to our consistent high volume we ask that you please read this statement. help us help you better to ensure we deliver the best possible product.

PDF proofs are used for checking that all content/text, graphics, pocket cards, ribbons, colors, etc are properly included and come out as expected before going to press.

Clients are responsible for not only proofing and approving the design but also their personal content (family names, client names, address and zip codes, etc) and event information (times, dates, days of week, locations, rsvp dates, reception details, direction info, hotel info, etc).

JLP is not responsible for incorrect information included in the “Invitation Info” Document, that is used for the creation of your design mock up. Fees apply for project re-prints and materials, in the event there is an error, 
at the Clients Expense. 

It is a good practice for clients to print a proof from home by way of a desktop printer. This can act as additional proofing and overall help to ensure that our clients get the highest quality of work that meets the predetermined objectives. printing a proof may also help to preview colors more accurately. Viewing on a desktop computer or laptop helps as well. iPhones and iPads *greatly* distort colors from device to device. JLP may also send additional jpeg proofs from time to time, for viewing and proofing for better color accuracy.

** Three (3) rounds of proofs and corrections are included in the total fee for Print Ready, Tier 1 and Tier 2 Collection designs. 
Tier 3 Custom designs include up to 10 (ten) rounds of proofs and corrections in the total fee.

Our Process