Well Wed Hamptons Real Wedding: Jennifer & Douglas

Jennifer & Douglas dreamt up a celebration rife with effeminate sophistication & grand allure for their formal affair.

The Day: Surrounded by their near and dear, Jennifer and Douglas tied the knot beneath pillars whimsically overgrown with ivy, before retreating inside the reception for an evening of wedded bliss. Lush linens in barely-there shades of blush set the tone for a feminine soiree, while gilded touches and crystal chandeliers brought an air of regal romance. Tables teeming with just-plucked greenery and garden roses invited loved ones to take a seat and delight in an evening of pure enchantment, while enjoying sweet bites of buttercream and freshly-baked treats.

The Proposal: “Doug and I were in St. Maarten with my family, and one night before dinner, he asked me to take a walk down to the beach. We were already late for our reservation so I gave him a hard time at first. But I finally let in and as we walked down, he began to tell me how much he loved me and that he wanted to love me for the rest of our lives. To be honest, most of it is a blur, but when we finally made it to the beach, he asked me to marry him and my answer was, ‘are you serious?’ Even though we had talked about it and I had a feeling it was coming soon, it was still such a surprised feeling and such an amazing night. After we gathered ourselves up, we made it to dinner with our friends and my family and celebrated for the rest of the night.”

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