Love is Not Postponed


May 20, 2020

If you told me in January, that we’d be postponing mostly every wedding and event between April and October … I wouldn’t have believed you! However, here we are. Facing a global pandemic and putting our way of life on pause until further notice. So many around the world are struggling right now, but for my little wedding and event world … were taking a particularly hard hit. I can’t speak for everyone of course, but the vendors I work  closely with are a resilient bunch! We will all come out on top and more successful than before. I believe this very much. 

Despite the worries my vendor colleagues and I are experiencing, our clients are faced with very hard and emotional choices as well. To keep my post on the shorter side, I’m here to share a reminder that everything WILL be ok in the end. Albeit very sad right now, the option to simply postpone is there, not cancel, and your big day will happen and be more spectacular than you could have imagined! More importantly, the love that you and your partner share, is NOT cancelled or postponed. That is forever and that is what you need to put your focus on in times of crisis. “Stronger Together” as they always say.

As far as the stationery side of the planning process goes … once you’ve made that choice to postpone, and you have alerted all of your vendors … what do you do next? Whether you’re a current client of mine or not, let’s get you New Date cards!!!! And fast!! We’ll take your original design or your original inspiration and apply it to a smaller card concept. We’ll include informative but sweet wording to let guests know your new plans, new date, and collect new RSVPS if need be. I do believe a new printed card is the most effective way to let all of your guests know the new situation. If you have a wedding website, even better. Be sure to include that on the card so guests can always check the site for more potential updates.

Below are some options JLP is offering. If you’re in need of a new date card, let’s setup a quick call and get started! To all of my couples and to couples who are just browsing for new stationery vendors to help them, JLP is here to help you!! 

Everything about your special event, in time, will be better than you ever dreamed. 



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