Love is Not Postponed—Let’s Decorate Anyway!


May 20, 2020

I’ve been trying to think of a subtle, yet classy way, for my clients and others with postponed events to still mark their special dates. The socially distant contactless way naturally. Then it hit me. All you’d need is a sign to shout from the roof tops about the strength of your love, some balloons (because when don’t balloons make someone happy?!), and a mini bridal bouquet of flowers! A smaller version of the bouquet you would have been holding on that special day.

There are many variations of this type of service popping up right now. So I reached out to a few of my trusted vendor pals, and whipped up a little package of lawn (or indoor) decor options of my own! I very much wanted a way to spread some cheer to my clients and their families on what was to be their very special day.

Below is a small list of what I’m offering to clients around Long Island. Signs, Balloons, Flowers can be purchased as a full set (with delivery included) or can be ordered separately. This decor package isn’t limited to just weddings either. All of these items can absolutely be used for other events, too! Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Birthday Drive Bys and Lawn Gatherings.

It’s an uncertain time for sure, but let’s not let it stop us from staying positive and celebrating our love and life. Let JLP help you celebrate and commemorate your event date, in a simplified and sweet way!

Shoot over a text for pricing or if you have any questions. Custom packages are available for an additional fee. Limited availability on weekends throughout the next few weeks. First come first served!


  1. linda says:

    love it❣️
    beautiful way to keep the spirit alive 💍

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