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May 26, 2020

My Aunt and I have a very close relationship. More like sisters than anything else. So naturally when her milestone birthday (50) rolled around a few years ago, an intimate family dinner needed to be planned! Chock full of personal touches. Today is her 53rd birthday and it brought me back to her fun dinner party and all of the fun touches I put together for her.

I’m a sucker for a super personalized unique party favor. Even the smallest of parties needs a favor. For her dinner party I needed something simple, but I wanted it to be thoughtful. I paired my aunts love of green tea with an easy take home gift everyone could enjoy. I placed (2) single serve packets of Matcha Green Tea in To-Go hot cup. Each guest received their own cup To- Go with a beverage inside. All they needed was to add hot water! It was a big hit, and a conversation piece for those who never experienced Matcha Tea before.

Below are some links on what you’ll need to make these To-Go cup party favors. I’ve also included a print at home free template for the lip cut out. You can do them by hand or use the jpg image for your Cricut or Silhouette machine. Just a few simple supplies and a little bit of hot glue and viola!

Supplies needed:

Here’s a link to the cutout Lips Template!

(Event Photography by Elizabeth Kristin Photography)



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